The Pearl has evolved to be a boutique and shopping paradise. There’s Patagonia and REI for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast along with boutiques, antique shops, galleries and specialty stores too numerous to mention.

The streetcar can take you directly to the Cultural district, about a 10 minute ride, where you’ll find the Portland Museum, concert halls, movie theaters and Portland State University.

If you haven’t heard about NW 23rd Street – you’ll want to check out that area as well. On a nice day, it's a delightful walk as it’s only 13 blocks away but you’ll want to return on the streetcar given all the packages you’ll be carrying.

Before the Pearl evolved, it was THE shopping street in town. With an ambiance similar to Manhattan's Greenwich Village, this boutique enclave is scattered with unique shops, restaurants and cafes, with larger national stores moving in as well. You’ll find Willliam Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Renovation Hardware to name a few.

A trip to The City of Roses wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Rose Gardens, the oldest public rose garden in the U.S. And don't forget the Chinese Gardens and Tea House, Japanese Gardens, the Portland Zoo or the spectacular park system that Portland has to offer.

There are over 5,000 acres with 30 miles of trails in Forest Park alone, promising a hike worthy of many fitness levels. If you're someone who prefers to view sporting events, we've got world class stadiums at our beautiful Rose Quarter, just on the other side of the Broadway Bridge.