We are strong believers in local support. There is a wealth of wonderful people and services within a stone's throw from everyone. You just have to look. So we did.

We wanted to create something unique; something more than just a luxury place to hang your hat while away from home. To that end, we decided to combine our desire to offer our clientele the best in a luxury rental, with the best in what local has to offer.

Luxury in the Pearl is the only short-term luxury rental of its kind in Oregon and possibly anywhere. One of the ways that we offer such an enticing and luxurious experience, is through a type of partnership or, more accurately, a cooperativeship with local artists, merchants, services etc.

We gave considerable thought to the type of experience that our clientele would want and then looked for local people and businesses that could help us offer that experience.

As a result, we have connected with and engaged the support of some wonderful local artists and merchants that have filled this space with exceptional art, beautiful rugs and the newest innovation in low impedence lighting.



Painting by Nicholas Von Grainger

Our fellows in cooperation:

1) Nicholas Von Grainger - Artist
2) Tamara English - Artist
3) Catherine J. H. Miller - painter
4) Maggie Casey - Installations and sculpture
5) Lux - Modern contemporary transitional lighting
6) Jock Bradley - Photographer
7) Cheryl Hill - Photographer