• Home Massage (beyond your complimentary massage) - $95/1 1/2 hrs.

  • Eco Wine Tour

  • Individualized Tea Immersion program in cooperation with Heaven's Tea

  • Additional cleaning and laundry service - $75
    Marketing (food shopping can be arranged, in advance of your arrival, to ensure a fully stocked kitchen once you get here) - $15 hr.

  • Private snowboarding or skiing lessons. - $150/hr or $400/day (includes guided skiing at less populated ski slopes)

  • Private rock climbing guide - climb the Columbia River Gorges best sites with experienced guide (beginner and advanced packages available) - must have own harness and shoes. $400/day

  • Photography lessons with nationally recognized and published photographer (landscape or water sports photography) - jockbradley.com - $500/day; $300/1/2 day. Must supply your own digital camera (preferably a DSLR), lenses, tripod and memory cards. A photo review will end the session.

  • Health and Wellness services (conducted by Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Herbalist) - $200/hr. - Stress Management \ - Herbal Medicine Consult \ - Relationship Enhancement \ - Weight/Diet Management

If there is a specific custom service you would like, please let us know and we will try and arrange it for you.